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Introducing – Jen, Bridget and Paul

Whether you are wanting to join the SSPT team on line or at the gym we have a program to suit your needs. Our on line programs give you the flexibility to do our programs any where and any time,  on your mobile, tablet or at home.  For those of you who are interested in Personal training and/or group training please come in and see us at the Zillmere PCYC for a FREE one on one consultation. If you have a focus on natural options then we believe you will find us an ideal choice. Training the mind is just as important as training the body – train the two together and you can do anything.

Jen Currie

Executive Health & Fitness Coach

Hi! My name is Jen Currie, Director of STAY STRONG Personal Training. Welcome to my world of health, happiness and fitness. Congratulations on taking the first step to a better, healthier, happier you! My passion for Personal Training is born from my love of fitness & sport and my desire to help people reach their goals. I have a firm belief that a person’s good health and well-being is achieved by healthy eating choices, exercise and a positive, happy state of mind. I take a different approach to the word “Personal Training”, what I do is CHANGE PEOPLE’S BELIEF SYSTEMS.. A holistic approach to fitness is key to what I do – the workings of the mind are just as important to all-round health as the workings of the body. With over 6 years experience in the industry and over 600 clients past and present I know what it takes to achieve a better quality of life. I specialise in back rehab, shoulders and knees, whilst also enjoying the challenges and achievements  I set for my clients. As a motivated professional, I seek to achieve the best possible results at all times.

trainers I truly believe that if you focus on your goals, embrace your challenges, use the power of positive thinking and appreciate what you have already achieved in your life, you will have the energy, confidence and motivation to embark on a new life journey. Anything is possible and you CAN be or do whatever it is that you want  – all you have to do is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. I challenge anyone who has ever wanted to become fitter, more flexible, feel stronger or gain more energy to contact STAY STRONG for a FREE consultation.



  • Certificate III Gym Instruction & Certificate IV in Personal Training
  • Master Trainer
  • Effective Nutrition Coaching
  • Sports Nutrition for Optimal Exercise Performance
  • Food Allergy & Intolerance to Food Certificate
  • Beep Test Coach
  • Group Training
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Member of Fitness Australia

Check out my blog to get to know me.

Jen’s Blog

 Bridget Cook

The Muscle Balancer/Personal Trainer/Kinesiologist

Hi, my name is Bridget Cook, one of Stay Strong PT’s personal trainers. I have over 25 years experience in the health and fitness industry with a  Bachelor of Physiology, food science and kinesiology. Before I became a Personal Trainer, I would talk to people about their back pain, being unhappy with their shape and wishing they had more confidence.  This inspired me to work towards helping others to a happier and healthier lifestyle.  Due to my proven ability to motivate, dedicate and encourage, my clients have increased energy levels and a renewed, clear plan in place to achieve their goals. My background in food science, physiology and natural health taught me that improving health through exercise and healthy eating choices was the way to go. The results we have achieved along the way have exceeded all expectations.  I want to help others experience the life changing effects that keeping fit have to offer.  Being a personal trainer allows me to do what I love, working with others and seeing people improving their fitness, strength and lives.  Building strong and professional relationships with my clients is crucial in achieving  great results. For testimonials and video explanations go to:!testimonials/phg44

Specialist areas:

  • Providing a personal level of training to each person, because everyone has their individual goals and goes at their own pace.
  • Using muscle activations to re-establish signals from the brain to the muscles. Result: postural improvement, increased coordination and enhanced performance.
  • Training people to maintain and increase their fitness into the third age.


  • Diploma in Fitness
  • Certificate III Gym Instruction and Certificate IV in Personal Training
  • BSC Degree in Food Science and Physiology
  • Instructor in TFH kinesiology
  • Member of the Physical Activity Australia, the Australian Fitness Network and the Australian Kinesiology Association.

Paul Gourlay

Master Personal Trainer

Hi, my name is Paul Gourlay, one of Stay Strong PT’s personal trainers. I am highly motivated and very passionate about fitness. I have played soccer most of my life and more recently discovered a passion for running.

I, like many others, have struggled with fluctuating weight over a number of years. Always struggling to find that healthy balance between nutrition and exercise. I believe the challenge is finding an activity you enjoy and then exercising becomes more fun and less task minded. My answer was running.

In the space of 18 months I have gone from weighing 87kg to 75kg. While I have gone through similar weight loss before I have never been able to sustain the loss for a period longer than 6 months.

I now regularly partake in park run events every Saturday morning and have also run longer distances including 10k’s, half marathons and marathons.

My challenge to everyone is to find that activity that excites and drives you. To feel good about yourself. To achieve a healthy lifestyle balance. It may be walking, running, cycling, swimming, group exercise training, the list is endless.

“Through my passion and your dedication, together we will achieve your goals”


  • Certificate III/ IV in Fitness
  • Running Experience
  • Kettle Bell and Suspension Training
  • First Aid and CPR Certificate
  • Blue Card
  • Life Experience


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