Just had my Apsad test and did much better than I could have hoped. Jen has been so supportive and gives great advice and I absolutely recommend seeing her. I have only been training with Jen for four weeks but the results have been so amazing sometimes even I am astounded at what could happen when you’re training with the right people. At my first session I couldn’t even do one push-up let alone get a decent score on my beep test but today I smashed my beep test with a A and got a decent score for push-ups so thanks soo much Jen! NOW, I am in the March intake, forever grateful.

Our Recruit Fitness Program was established in 2010, by Jen Currie director and owner of Stay Strong Personal Training.

SSPT’s recruit fitness program is specifically designed and targeted at your “Applied Policing Skills Assessment Day” (APSAD) and is the only one of it’s kind in Queensland.

The 10 week’s cover your push up component, prone bridge test (plank), hang test, hand and grip strength test, beep test, Illinios agility and your operational simulation test.

We have a firm belief that through sheer determination|commitment|dedication|positive energy and inner strength you will achieve your goal.

You receive detailed advice regarding how you can improve your fitness ,nutrition, agility and strength with constant on line support with our specialised personal trainers.

Sarah one of Stay Strong PT’s recruits accepted!!!Our program specifically targets conditioning your body to reach your minimum components of your APSAD fitness test. These cover your push ups, prone bridge test (plank), hang test, hand and grip strength test, beep test, Illinios agility, mantle  and your operational simulation test.

We believe with a combined 25 years experience in the health and fitness industry we know what it takes.

You can complete our recruit fitness program on line or come into the Zillmere PCYC to be shown the program face to face. We also have  a “mock” APSAD check day where we assess your fitness for the skills day.

We have extensive knowledge so contact us to Start Now!!


APSAD Recruit Specialised Coaching – Ask us more via calling or email.

  • Beep test and agility coaching with Paul our skilled master running trainer – Paul will check your ability to pass each stage of the APSAD, running technique, gait, speed of turns and breathing.
  • Extra at home Cardio program to continue fitness improvements by yourself
  • Accelerated Beep test training to increase your beep test stages
  • Muscle activation with Bridget our experienced Kinesiologist. Bridget will check the muscles needed for push-ups, hang test strength, hand grip, core strength. Improving the brain/muscle connection and activating these muscles to increase strength and coordination
  • Mindset, goal setting, strength training, communication and nutrition guidance with Jen owner and program developer. Jen will build your belief system, work on your positive mindset and build your strength for your hang test, pushup and plank component.
  • Dynamic warm up charts to get your body ready for action and static stretch chart to aid with recovery
  • Can start coaching at anytime
  • Updated order of APSAD and interview prep from Recruits who have completed the application process


  • First Friday of every month
  • Next APSAD practice:Friday 6th October 2017
  • Receive feedback and assessment results
  • Where: Zillmere PCYC, 340 Zillmere Road Zillmere.
  • Cost $60
  • Booking are a MUST as spots are extremely popular.


Recruit Fitness Program (online)

  • Specifically designed for your “Applied Policing Skills Assessment” (APSAD)
  • Illinois agility specific training drills
  • Hand grip test – exercises to improve your grip
  • Plank – Ab work to improve your core strength
  • Accelerated beep test drills – to improve your cardio and beep test score
  • Hang test – exercises to improve your strength for those specific muscles
  • Obstacle course drills
  • Push up – check your technique and make sure you perform a full range of movement
  • Available on-line or direct
  • 10 week program
  • video links
  • Can start anytime
Our 10 week program is specifically designed and targeted to have you fit, healthy, strong and ready for your recruiting fitness process… Our program is the only one of its kind in Queensland and we pride ourselves in our comprehensive and well structured program.  The Recruit Program is also for people seeking at increasing their fitness, are self motivated and looking for online support.

Our program is designed to be fully self motivated with our program breakdown and information provided. It is up to you to stay in contact with us to get the most out of our program. If you are wanting to step up and be in the emergency services then you have be accountable for yourself and your own actions. We are here to guide you and support you along the way over your 10 weeks, it is up to you to follow the program and the system to reap the rewards. If you are looking for more one on one then Personal Training is what you  should be looking into.

  • Accelerated beep test training drills
  • Hand grip test
  • plank
  • push ups
  • Exercises for your hang test to strengthen those specific muscles
  • 10 week high performance cardio and weights program
  • Obstacle course training
  • Optimal nutritional advice
  • Constant contact with our experienced Personal Training team (this is up to you, to ask the questions and stay in touch. Email us on a weekly basis your food diary and how you are finding the program. Self motivated program can be completed in any gym and started at anytime
  • Week by week program breakdown
  • Video links
  • We guarantee you will increase your beep test score in 10 weeks by up to 4 stages or your money back
  • Our program has been running for several years with over 150 recruits completing our program
  • Our recruits and officers are fit ready for the applied skills day/operational rediness physical and 100% prepared and confident for that moment
  • We have Comprehensive knowledge on what is required fitness wise for your beep test, strength and agility training
  • We monitor your progression and give feedback where necessary

*Please not due to copyright, once the program is purchased there is a no refund policy*

START NOW! For more information contact us

Recruit Interview Preparation

Our interview preparation is a 1hr interview scenario, to assist potential recruits with interview preparation. We provide hints and tips given to us from past and present recruits and have a qualified professional conducting the interview.

We can also conduct our interview via skype if this suits your busy lifestyle.

This is a GUIDE only to prepare you for your interview.

  • If you haven’t already done so, BUY yourself a suit. If there was ever an interview to be dressed in a suit, this is the one. Make sure your shirt or blouse is ironed and tidy (dry cleaning is recommended).
  • Once seated, remain open and positive, arms at your side or placed on top of one another in your lap. No fidgeting, no tapping of feet or shaking of legs,  it will be picked up!
  • Your interview preparation can only be arranged through Stay Strong PT at the Zillmere PCYC.


We look forward to hearing from you soon and if you would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact us


Included in your assessment is:

  • Beep Test
  • Illinois agility testing – under 20 seconds female and 19 seconds males
  • Hand grip check with our hand grip machine – hold for 3 seconds @ 30kg x 2
  • plank hold time required 1 minute – A = 90 seconds
  • push ups – check your technique and to see if you can perform a full push up (10 required)
  • Hand test – must hold for more than 3 seconds at a 90 degree angle

Please note: The information and fitness assessment is provided for preparation only. This assessment day is NOT a part of the recruiting process, it is a guide ONLY to rate you on your current fitness levels.

Bookings are essential

$95 for 1hr

We look forward to hearing from you soon. contact us


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