Our Recruit Fitness Program has been specifically developed to target and enhance the skills required to complete the fitness test undertaken by potential recruits. Some of these identified skills include the beep test, agility test, upper body strength and an all round cardiovascular challenge. Our Recruit Fitness Program is a 10 week program that focuses on improving the above mentioned skill set as well as preparing potential recruits both physically and mentally for the challenges that lay before them such as the obstacle course. With our online Recruit Fitness Program you received a week by week program breakdown with video links for you to follow.


If you want to lose weight, get healthy and/ or build muscle, hiring a Stay Strong Personal Trainer is a step in the right direction. Our highly experienced trainers will help you set up a program that meets your goals and teach you the safest way to exercise. At Stay Strong Personal Training we are about training the body as well as the mind, focusing on a more holistic approach to your well being.


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Much like a garden needs good soil, proper nutrients and a little TLC – our bodies need good things going on to deliver optimum energy and well-being in return. Our 21 day nutritional re-balance manual will do just that – get the good stuff in so you look and feel incredible.

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