Little T’s Corner – How Fasting Cleanses Your Cells

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The 21- Day Nutritional Rebalancing Program

12202274_10153641947733954_1726145223_n– cleaning your cell while you flood it with nutrition.

A lot of people brush the idea of detoxing as they think (I’ll be honest, I was the same) – the liver, bowels, lungs, kidney and skin are enough to do the job.
The truth is…with the current environment and the quality of food/drink we are exposed to – the toxicity is too great for our body to handle.

Take our Do I need a detox? test now!
If you answer yes to 3 or more of the symptoms below – then YES you do need to detox!

Do you have?
? Bowel problems, such as constipation, diarrhoea, excess gas, or IBS
? Abdominal bloating or pain
? Excessive mucus, stuffy or runny nose, sinus congestion
? Food intolerance, sensitivity or cravings
? Difficulty losing or putting on weight
? Bad breath, smelly tongue
? Regular headaches and/or migraines
? Aching joints, arthritis or body stiffness
? Hormone imbalance, infertility, PMS, painful or heavy periods, breast soreness
? Skin conditions of all kinds
? Candida or yeast infection, e.g. thrush, coated tongue, dandruff excessive
? Excessive sweating or body odour/foot odour
? Fatigue, exhaustion
? Frequent low mood and/or regular mood swings
? Lowered resistance to infections
? Lower back pain
? Frequent sore throats

It’s logical to think that giving the digestive system a break and treating the body well for a span of time would have enormous benefits. If nothing else you’re stopping the constant flow of processed foods and upping your intake of nutrient-dense foods, so some good must come from it.

Worry of not being able to do daily routine as you will be in the toilet all day?? NO. The program designs to detoxify you in the cellular level. It also support your liver, muscles & immune system as it floods your body with clean and balanced nutrition necessary to allow your organs to do their normal function.

12088493_10204956177330092_5824138487011430900_nEliminate inflammatory foods, accelerate our body’s natural cleansing process, then your body will be back to speed again and function at its best.

To find out more contact  Stay Strong PT or Nutrition Coaching Australia 

Jen CurrieLittle T’s Corner – How Fasting Cleanses Your Cells