30 days and feeling FAB!

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Steph Knott – results are in!!!!! Top photos before, below after…Thanks for sharing Steph:) Before I started the 30 cleanse I felt tired, lacking in energy and bloated all the time. I also suffered from headaches and migraines. Mostly though I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and was particularly worried because I had a wedding coming up in … Read More

Jen Currie30 days and feeling FAB!

Little T’s Corner – How Fasting Cleanses Your Cells

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The 21- Day Nutritional Rebalancing Program – cleaning your cell while you flood it with nutrition. A lot of people brush the idea of detoxing as they think (I’ll be honest, I was the same) – the liver, bowels, lungs, kidney and skin are enough to do the job. The truth is…with the current environment and the quality of food/drink … Read More

Jen CurrieLittle T’s Corner – How Fasting Cleanses Your Cells