Life is about Balance

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Life is about Balance;  we here at stay strong personal training believe finding your balance is the key to happiness. Day to day challenges like kids, traffic, work and our social calendar  distract us from focusing on our overall well-being. We have simple solutions to help you get back on track to re-discover your balance. Balance = Happiness:)      

Jen CurrieLife is about Balance

Calling all Police Recruits click and read

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Our 10 week program is specifically designed and targeted to have you fit, healthy, strong and ready for your recruiting process… Our program is the only one of its kind in Queensland and has had 100’s of recruits finish the program and passing the applied skills day. Our program specifically targets conditioning your body to reach your minimum components of … Read More

Jen CurrieCalling all Police Recruits click and read

We believe we have something special to offer you

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Are you at home now feeling down, lonely and afraid? Do you want to be motivated, energised and confident? We believe here at Stay Strong PT that training the mind as well as the body is the key to happiness. We are a team with over 30 years experience within the health and fitness industry and know what it takes … Read More

Jen CurrieWe believe we have something special to offer you