Life is about Balance

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Life is about Balance;  we here at stay strong personal training believe finding your balance is the key to happiness. Day to day challenges like kids, traffic, work and our social calendar  distract us from focusing on our overall well-being. We have simple solutions to help you get back on track to re-discover your balance. Balance = Happiness:)      

Jen CurrieLife is about Balance

Having a vision board

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Whilst on holidays recently in Western Australia, I had an amazing opportunity to swim with the dolphins in the wild. This is me experiencing my life time dream, this is me with tears down my face as this female dolphin chose to look me in the eyes, this is me realising that by having a vision board really does work. … Read More

Jen CurrieHaving a vision board

Little T’s Corner – How Fasting Cleanses Your Cells

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The 21- Day Nutritional Rebalancing Program – cleaning your cell while you flood it with nutrition. A lot of people brush the idea of detoxing as they think (I’ll be honest, I was the same) – the liver, bowels, lungs, kidney and skin are enough to do the job. The truth is…with the current environment and the quality of food/drink … Read More

Jen CurrieLittle T’s Corner – How Fasting Cleanses Your Cells